Plush food-inspired CD case and mobile phone holder

Plush food-inspired CD case and mobile phone holder


Just don’t forget what these are made of when you’re desperately hungry …

From Fred Flare, a manufacturer of kitschy yet useful items, comes a pair of food-inspired high-tech items. The first one is a CD case that looks like a cheeseburger. Pop the top open and see the CDs inside. You can store up to 24 CDs in there and attach the whole thing to a keychain or laptop bag via the attached metal ring. Oh, yes, it also comes as a giant strawberry, for the more healthy-minded among us. Either one is just US$12 here.

Then there’s this banana-shaped cell phone holder. You’ll surely be the envy of your friends — or at least passing strangers — if you carry this thing around in public and hide your mobile in it. Astonishingly, it comes in two varieties: bar phone and flip phone, for all your mobile talking and surfing needs. It’s just US$10 here.

Both items are of the plush variety, which you or your pet would rapidly discover if you or it tried to take a big bite…