Flexible e-book hits new 14.1-inch WXGA frontier


    Regular LCDs seem so yesterday. Everyone is jumping onto the widescreen bandwagon, but even that is starting to get a little blasé. The next frontier is taking your color display and making it flexible, and LG Philips has just unveiled the biggest in that field: a prototype of a 14.1-inch WXGA flexible E-book. Too bad it’s only (realistically) practical for relatively still images, thanks to its snail-paced response time of 300ms.

    This E-book, developed in partnership with E-ink, seems great for reading text and viewing photos, but maybe not particularly apt at playing the latest Peter Jackson epic. It seems that the biggest push for flexible e-paper is to utilize it as a daily newspaper: instead of carrying around the New York Times in its awkward paper-based version, you can simply pick up a single sheet of e-paper. And now that LG Philips has got a 14.1-inch version, you’ll be able to fit more than a sentence at a time.