Creative Zen Vision W is a widescreen dream

Creative Zen Vision W is a widescreen dream


When it comes to home computers, everyone and their mother is jumping on the widescreen bandwagon. It seems that the widescreen trend is filtering over to the PMP market as well: Creative has just unleashed the Zen Vision W, boasting “the best screen we’ve ever seen on a portable media player”, according to Popular Mechanics.

Upping the ante to a 4.3-inch display, the ZVW is said to take on just about every video format out there, including MPEGs, AVIs, and those of the DivX variety. Naturally, it should be able to tackle music and photos as well. To go with the larger display, the Zen Vision W is a little thicker than its predecessor, but it’s still well within the normal range established by players offered through Archos, Cowon and others.

The design may not win any innovation awards, but it does what it needs to do (and does it well). The 30GB Zen Vision W will run you $399, but you can double the storage capacity for $100 more.