Black and Pink Nintendo DS Lites coming State-side

Black and Pink Nintendo DS Lites coming State-side


Have you been waiting to make your way into the Nintendo DS Lite party because you don’t want to rock the same iPod-esque white as every other kid on the block? Don’t want to fork over the big bucks to import a “touching is good” gamer from overseas? The wait is finally over, because Nintendo has finally announced that they are bringing black and pink versions of the DS Lite to North America. The date has been set for September 13th.

The black is the same as the one that you would’ve been able to get in Paris, London, Rome, or elsewhere in Europe — it’s dubbed “Onyx Black” — but the pink DS Lite destined for yanks and canucks is a little different. Whereas the Japanese are enjoying the “Noble Pink”, us North Americans are going to be treated to what the big N calls “Coral Pink.” This is starting to sound like the different flavours of RAZR.

Anyways, pricing should be identical to the Polar White DS Lite, so if you can wait another three weeks, you can get a pink or black dual-screened gamer at a store near you for US$130.