Airbus patenting way to eliminate jet lag

Airbus patenting way to eliminate jet lag


Jet lag sucks. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have been run over by a truck after you fly somewhere. Airbus is seeking a patent for a device that they claim will make jet lag a distant memory.

The solution involves some sort of “electromagnetic interaction” that would be in each passenger’s seat. Kind of like one of those magnetic bracelets that is supposed to do wonders I guess, only not in bracelet form.

Airbus claims in the patent application that the technology can prevent and reduce jet lag, make people feel more relaxed, promote sleep, reduce stress and even cut down on thrombosis. Sounds great, but the only thing I can think of is that magnets and credit cards aren’t friends, so everyone could end up with useless pieces of plastic after a flight. I’m sure they’ve thought of that, though… right?

There’s no word, of course, if and when this would actually show up in a plane.