The Hover Creeper floats on air

The Hover Creeper floats on air


If you’re not a mechanical type, you might not know that a creeper is that thing with wheels that you lie on to slide under a car and work on it (I didn’t know until today). Davison International has revolutionized the creeper with their new Hover Creeper.

As the name would suggest, this creeper is essentially a personal hovercraft. Mechanics always have compressed air hoses around to power tools, so this creeper uses that compressed air to float and carry you where you need to go. You can then plug your air tools right into the Hover Creeper. It also has a tray attached to it to carry your tools with you.

Apparently, all the bolts and cracks and junk lying around on the floor of a mechanic’s garage can wreak havoc on a wheeled creeper, making it impossible to roll at times. The Hover Creeper can just float over all that mess with ease. It would certainly be a fun toy, but there’s no word on price, so it’s hard to know if it is cheap enough to be practical too.