Sunphoto takes cameraphone pictures around the corner

Sunphoto takes cameraphone pictures around the corner


The close-up filter we reported on a couple of days ago actually serves some sort of useful, congenial function, but this one — oh boy — it’s just asking for trouble. The crazy kids at Sunphoto are at it again with yet another cameraphone attachment, this time letting you take pictures of things (or people) without pointing your camera directly at them.

I can just see the voyeurs and amateur paparazzi now, snapping pictures of unsuspecting victims. Too bad the attachment couldn’t be more obvious in what it’s doing. I suspect that it’s little more than a simple 45-degree mirror housed in simple purple and white plastic casing.

For all the cheeky monkeys and dirty buggers out there, Sunphoto is enabling you “to get the scene while you pretend to look at the other side.” Just don’t get caught.