Samsung unveils 1.98 inch HD-capable screen

Samsung unveils 1.98 inch HD-capable screen


Samsung has used a trade show in South Korea to unveil a screen for mobile devices that could change the way we see things on the go. Their 1.98 inch VGA a-Si LCD uses Samsung’s own ASG (Amorphous Silicon Gate) technology to maximize the efficiency of the screen. That means that it can support 16 million colors and can keep up with high speed data transmission.

Samsung trumpets that the biggest benefit of the new screen would be the clear screen quality. I’m not sure why you would need to, but the screen will actually allow you to watch 400 dpi HD mobile TV. The screen has a contrast ratio of 300:1 and an effective viewing range of 75 degrees. That way, a group could gather around and see your really small, really clear screen.

There’s no word when this tiny marvel will start to show up in Samsung devices, or more importantly when we will see them in North America.