PSP to add camera and GPS modules


    The PSP is getting its you-know-what kicked in the market these days, but Sony isn’t giving up. The Nintendo DS with its decided lack of extra features is killing the PSP and all its bells and whistles, so Sony is doing the only logical thing – adding more bells and whistles.

    The Tokyo Game Show video game expo next month will be the place where Sony will unveil both a new camera and a new GPS module for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). It seems obvious, but they will also be unveiling the software that will run the GPS functions.

    Unfortunately, other than the fact that they exist, we don’t know too much about the features. Sony isn’t talking now, so we will have to wait until the show starts on September 22 to get a full taste of what they are offering and how well they will work. Sony officials will be desperately crossing their fingers, hoping that this provides a kickstart to their struggling device.