Pivot cell phone concept for easy video calls

Pivot cell phone concept for easy video calls


You know, I love concept phones, even if they never make it to becoming a reality. They typically express a lot more creative genius than the actual units that hit the market, and at the very least, indicate what could be possible when it comes to innovative designs. The Pivot cellphone concept from Pantech and Lunar is certainly a little different, looking more like a desk alarm than a mobile phone.

They say that this stand-up design makes speakerphone calls a breeze, especially when you hit up the video telephony option (obviously there’s a front-mounted camera, duh). The “swiveling screen” can be propped up at just the right angle, providing for an optimum handsfree video calling experience.

I do have one concern for this design though: based on the provided image, it doesn’t seem like it would be able to close correctly without leaving a huge crevice where the hinge is. Maybe I’m missing something here, like an accordian-like contraption or something.