Most people don’t know what using their phone costs

Most people don’t know what using their phone costs


A survey by a British mobile phone service company shows that people don’t really have a clue about what their phones actually cost to use.

The survey by asked 10,000 call centre customers if they knew how much it would cost them to make a call that would fall outside of their calling plan. Eight out of ten of the respondents had no idea. In other words, you might want to see what that international cell phone call would cost you before you make it.

The survey also showed that providers benefit from this knowledge, because over half of respondents had been overcharged in the past. Or at least those were the people who realized that they had been overcharged.

Value for money (of their calling plan) was the most important factor in choosing a new phone for over 60% of the respondents, coming in well ahead of factors like the looks of the phone, or the functions that the phone is able to do.