IPS-11G turns your iPod into a karaoke machine

IPS-11G turns your iPod into a karaoke machine


I don’t get karaoke. I don’t understand the fascination and I don’t see how it is fun. If you are a karaoke fan, though, then maybe the awkwardly named IPS-11G is the thing for you. The device will turn your iPod into your own karaoke machine.

All you do is load some karaoke files onto your iPod in MCG-MP3 format and slip your iPod into the device. The IPS-11G displays the karaoke goodness on your TV and you can make dogs cringe right from your living room.

When you aren’t using the IPS-11G for karaoke, you can use it to bridge the gap between your iPod and entertainment center, so you can listen to your songs on your stereo and watch your video on your TV. You can achieve all of your own karaoke dreams for $230, and you even get a microphone for that price, because you wouldn’t want people to be unable to hear you.