Globalsat BT-328 – easily add GPS to your PDA

Globalsat BT-328 – easily add GPS to your PDA


Having GPS capabilities on a PDA, Pocket PC or smartphone would be helpful for a lot of people, but probably not helpful enough to justify the huge cost of buying a new device. The Globalsat BT-328 Bluetooth GPS receiver could provide an affordable and simple way to add GPS to your portable device.

The BT-328 is a stand-alone unit which connects to your handheld and shares information via a wireless Bluetooth connection. It’s not fancy, and it doesn’t include any mapping software (though it can integrate with your own third-party mapping software), but it is a simple solution that is very easy to set up and use.

Most importantly, though, it only costs $75, which is cheaper than most alternatives you can find to provide GPS data. The unit measures 2.77 x 1.77 x 0.67 inches, so it can slip into your pocket and can go anywhere that your PDA-like device goes.