Could Ford go private?

Could Ford go private?


Conspiracy theorists could have a heyday with the bizarre report that Ford may be considering going private. The company has been doing so unbelievably badly of late that the share price has fallen below $8. That means that all of the stocks could be bought for the reasonably low price of about $13.5 billion.

Cynics could speculate that the company, which is still run with heavy involvement of the Ford family (Bill Ford is CEO), is intentionally being run into the ground to lower the price and make it affordable to buy out. It would be a silly argument, but it would be fun to make.

Theories aside, a source that claims to be close to discussions says that talk of going private is going on. The move would give the company more freedom and latitude to restructure without the constant pressure of trying to please upset shareholders. The Ford family owns 5% of outstanding shares and controls as much as 40% of the company through different classes of shares.