BenQ slaps butterfly on AL26 slider, markets women

BenQ slaps butterfly on AL26 slider, markets women


They say that “the butterfly is regarded as a symbol of evolving femininity”, but that doesn’t mean you can slap the winged bug onto a cell phone and then try to pawn it off as something original… but that’s exactly what BenQ has done with their AL26 Buttefly edition.

In the top left corner, you’ll see a faint image of a caterpillar with wings, but other than that, they really haven’t touched the garden variety AL26, just as they kept it all the same for the AL26 Hello Kitty phone.

Sure, it’s got a purdy sliding form factor and a smooth white exterior, but that’s about it. C’mon, BenQ-Siemens, you should know that women are just as tech-savvy as us testosterone-driven bloggers. Give them something better than polyphonic ringtones and a complete lack of a camera or Bluetooth.