Toshiba unveils new external hard drives

Toshiba unveils new external hard drives


Toshiba has unveiled a new line of external USB hard drives which combine decent storage capacities with a focus on security. Initially, there will be three sizes available — 160GB, 250GB and 320GB — with larger sizes (400GB and 500GB) to come later on. They are designed with a very slim profile, with the added flexibility of being able to work both vertically or horizontally, letting you set them up in the way that best suits your work space.

Regen, an intelligent software program, provides the security for the drives. It allows you to back up any file just by pushing a button on the drive. You then have the option of adding password protection or encryption to the file. The backup gives you the comfort of knowing you can accurately restore any file. The drive is also designed to quickly synchronize data between two computers.

The drives are available now, with prices of about $117, $140, and $175 for the three current sizes.