Sonic Impact Video 55: iPod theater in a box

Sonic Impact Video 55: iPod theater in a box


This kind of accessory might just catch on quickly, especially for those who like their video downloads. It’s the Sonic Impact Video 55, a portable accessory for the iPod Video that is as plug-and-play as they come. Just plop your iPod onto the case, click through to your favorite TV show or movie, and watch to your heart’s content.

You’ll remember that Sonic Impact are authors of T-Amp speaker technology. Well, that technology is on full bass and treble display in the Impact Video 55, which features a 7-inch LCD and a rechargeable battery that guarantees up to three hours of playing time. (You can just plug in to a wall outlet or car cigarette lighter, of course, and watch all day long if you want.) The overall result is a video boombox with hi-resolution video and high-quality stereo audio.

The case also functions as a download and docking station, for ease of transfer and recharge.

Want one? You’ll have to wait until next month. Pricing is expected to start at US$299.