Pendant-sized iRiver N20 on the way

Pendant-sized iRiver N20 on the way


Of course the most trustworthy of sources on the internet is a random Chinese website, so take this report with a little grain of salt. It seems that iRiver’s next MP3 player is gearing up for launch, and it should be a juicy (and tiny) number.

The N20 is still shrouded in secrecy, but from what we can gather, it might rock an OLED color display, a sleek black exterior, and be available in more capacities than one.

It also appears to be less than half the size of the purdy-looking Clix (as indicated by the picture to the right), and the official packaging seems ready to go (as indicated by the smaller picture on the left). We’re still waiting on some sort of official word from iRiver regarding pricing, availability, and well… the existence of the N20.