Navman GPS devices boast Lonely Planet travelogs


    You’d think that this sort of thing would have come along before now. It has for some, but this product is being billed as “the ultimate travel guide.” Is it? You decide.

    The handy navigation device is the product of a partnership between in-car satellite navigation system maker Navman and Web travel expert Lonely Planet. You can use this device to navigate to your destination using turn-by-turn instructions and then get a Lonely Planet description and picture of the place.

    Another handy feature is what is called NavPix, which allows you to “fudge it” on your destination: If you don’t know the exact geographical coordinates, you don’t need to fret. Just find the photo and description in the listings, and the device does the work for you.

    You can download hundreds of locations from the NavPix website and then upload your own photos (using the built-in camera) and descriptions to a forum for Web sharing.

    You get two models to choose from: the iCN720 and the iCN750. Because these units are designed primarily for European travelers, they contain pre-installed maps and images of destinations in the U.K., Ireland, and other Western European countries. Internet downloads expand your possibilities, though.