Mercedes Cl-Class seats keep you comfortable, relaxed, focused

Mercedes Cl-Class seats keep you comfortable, relaxed, focused


Mercedes-Benz is continuing its commitment to driver comfort. The latest effort is seats that boast active ventilation and a massage function.

We’re talking about the Cl-Class here, and the seats are designed as integral seats, with seat belt elements included in positions designed to maximize driver and passenger comfort. The seat itself has 12 positions, with all parts adjustable electrically and independently. Pneumatic lumbar supports are standard, as are polyurethane foam pads in the backrest.

The seats also are ventilated, utilizing breathable materials and miniature fans in the backrest and seat cushion. These fans take the cold or hot air from your vehicle’s air circulation system and spreads it throughout the seat, giving you comfort behind as well as in front.

Speaking of air, the seats also feature piezo valves, little air pockets within the fabric that let that fabric mold itself to your frame, for better comfort all around. A handful of these air chambers also sport a massage function, for a small motorized pulsing motion across your back, stimulating your muscles, improving your circulation, and helping to prevent fatigue. This massage function lasts for five minutes, is adjustable in speed and pressure, and can be used more than once.