Innovan: fold-up, take-it-all-with-you camper

Innovan: fold-up, take-it-all-with-you camper


Talk about taking your home with you…

Innovan, a product out of Australia, can attach to any truck or properly equipped SUV and can provide your home-away-from-home wherever you go.

First of all, the shell is made of fiberglass, which makes it light overall. Secondly, it unfolds in about half a minute.

Now, what’s inside: space for a queen size bed or two single beds, a kitchen, a dinette, a refrigerator, a shower, a toilet, an air conditioner, a TV, lots of storage room in seal-away compartments, and even water tanks. Outside, you can have another kitchen and use a folding awning for protection against the elements.

You also get an airbag-powered storage device, which allows you to, with the flip of a switch, fold it all up even tighter to get to low-clearance destinations.

Now that is some kind of convenience stacked on the back of your vehicle. The manufacturer wants you to know that the testing of the Innovan was as rigorous as they come, so you needn’t worry about things falling off or the awning blowing away in the wind. We want you to know that you’ll pay a pretty penny for the Innovan. The bargain-basement model, the Trader, will run you US$15,000. Moving up the ladder are the Crusader, Rover, and Voyager, which tops out at US$27,000. Various features and capabilities differentiate the four models.

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