How to make your laptop battery last longer

How to make your laptop battery last longer


There are few things more annoying than laptop batteries. It’s not just that they might spontaneously combust either. When you first get your computer, battery life is fairly decent, but after a year or two you have about 12 minutes of battery life between charges. Here are a couple of tips, from Propellerhead and Tech Digest, to get the most life out of your lithium ion battery:

1) Keep your battery cool. If stored at a frigid 32 degrees, a battery would lose 2% of capacity in the first year and 6% the next year. At room temperature, those numbers jump to 4% and 20%. If you’re not using a battery, then keep it in your fridge to help it last longer.

2) Don’t run your battery until it dies. Deep discharging of a battery is rough on your power source. Running your battery flat just 100 times can reduce the capacity of your battery by as much as 75%. Don’t let your battery dip below 40 or 50%; charge it at any time to maintain battery life.