XACT XQ2500 Wireless Landline Headpiece

XACT XQ2500 Wireless Landline Headpiece


I guess you would feel a little left out if you didn’t have a Bluetooth headset and everyone around you did. The XACT XQ2500 Wireless Landline Headpiece is for people with Bluetooth envy who only have a landline. It looks a bit like a Bluetooth headset, except it is a bit bigger and a lot uglier than most.

The headset is a 2.4 GHz wireless phone for decent sound and reception in your home or office. The only keypad on the unit is right on the headset, so you will either have to have a real talent for dialing blind, or you will have to take the headpiece off every time you want to dial a call.

The phone is compatible with a hearing aid, so anyone can use it. It has many of the features you could want – auto answer, 40 channels with autoscan, paging, and indicators for low batteries and out of range. A notable absence is call display.