Worldmate OH-100 translates four languages on the go

Worldmate OH-100 translates four languages on the go


Looks like we’re in store for some rather strange translations for our friends in tech-savvy Asia because they’re about to get their hands on a new portable device that’ll spit out new words and phrases for them to use in English. The Worldmate OH-100 from Time Space System is a portable translator that supports four different languages — Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English — and features a monochrome touchscreen interface.

For each of the four languages, you’ll find 6,100 sentences and 20,000 words (“vocabularies”) at your disposal. They’ve separated the content into 12 different categories to make searching for the right term easy. Want to ask where the subway station is? Check out “transportation”. Hungry and need a snack? Have a peek at “restaurant.” You can even see any given expression in all four languages at the same time, if you happen to be a super multi-cultural part of town.

Outside of translating, the Worldmate OH-100 also packs a clock, calendar, and calculator.