Pentax A20, M20: digital cameras packed with automatic features


    Pentax has come out with a pair of new digital handhelds in the Optio line, the A20 and the M20. One is a touch more professional than the other.

    The A20 is a 10-megapixel shooter packed with features designed to compensate for picture-takers’ frailties. First and foremost is the Shake Reduction technology, which has the unique idea of gyroscopic sensors to hold the device in a sort of constant movement that compensates for any movement caused by the (shaky) hands holding the camera. The result is sharp images even when the camera is in motion.

    Blur reduction and automatic tracking functionalities are also on hand, as are face recognition, auto-focus and red-eye correction. Manual settings are available, of course, for those who like to design their own settings. The automatic settings, though, are impressive and helpful.

    The M20 is the newest model in the Optio M series. It’s a 7-megapixel special with a 3x optical zoom, auto-focus, face recognition technology, and blur reduction functionality. This is definitely a camera for the family or novice photo-taker.

    Both of these cameras will be available this fall and will cost upwards of US$300.