Oracom UB890: small yet powerful music, video, game player

Oracom UB890: small yet powerful music, video, game player


Another one for the Not-an-iPod bandwagon, this portable media player is the Oracom UB890, which is capable of both audio and video playback.

No matter the format of music files you have–MP3, OGG, WAV, or WMA–this handheld player can play it. The sound system is said to be rather impressive, with a built-in loudspeaker setup.

You can also view e-books and videos, although the screen is really rather small for this sort of thing. (It’s just 2 inches wide.) Static images, like JPEGs and such, likely will benefit from the 262k colors available on the full-color TFT LCD.

Perhaps what is most impressive, as far as fast and sleek data goes, is the USB connection. Plug this player right into your PC for super-fast downloads of all your favorite songs, videos, and even games. (Yes, a handful of games are included as well, but again we caution you to remember just how small that viewscreen really is.)

Under the kitchen-sink category, you also get a clock, with alarm and sleep functions, so you can this player to bed with you too.