Mazda hydrogen production cars could be five years away

Mazda hydrogen production cars could be five years away


Mazda may have the ability to mass produce its hydrogen combustion engine before the infrastructure is in place for people to practically use them.

Akihiro Kashiwagi, the project manager for the hydrogen vehicles at Mazda, says that the carmaker could launch into mass production of the vehicles in five to ten years. The company is reportedly currently working on a process for the production of the cars. It will be interesting to watch if Mazda gets involved in encouraging the development of the infrastructure so it is ready for their cars.

The comments by Kashiwagi were made at a press event in Norway. That setting made sense, since it coincided with the opening of the first hydrogen filling station in that country. After making the comments, Mazda showed off their Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE in an on-road trial. It was the first time that that car had been shown off in action outside of Japan.