KTF launches services for lovers and liars

KTF launches services for lovers and liars


With international terrorism at an all-time high (are you reading this at the airport, waiting in line to get past customs with your toothpaste and hair gel in tow?), it seems interesting that the technology being developed as a result is finding its way into consumer’s hands. If you happen to be cruising through Seoul, you will soon have to be careful about telling a little white lie on your cell phone because KTF is set to launch what they call the “Truth in Calls” service, wherein users can determine whether the person on the other side is telling a fib.

It’s not exactly in black and white, but if you subscribe to this service, you’ll get a report indicating the “trust level” and “stress level” of the person on the line. This technology is based on one being used by MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence agency, in their anti-terrorist efforts.

On the more chipper side of things, KTF has also applied voice analysis solutions in creating their “Love Detector” service. After a call, you get an MMS with the level of enjoyment, focus, and embarrassment of the other person over the course of the conversation. Combine the two, and you can determine if your S.O. is a) cheating or b) head over heels in love with you.