Cameraphones get clear pics with “close-up filter”

Cameraphones get clear pics with “close-up filter”


As we become more dependent on the picture-takers found on our cell phones, leaving our standalone digital cameras at home much of the time, we start looking for accessories to feed our spur-of-the-moment snapshot needs. When it comes to cameraphones, it can be quite hard taking a crisp picture when your subject is only a couple of inches away from the lens. No worries, because here is a rubbery-looking “close-up filter”, ensuring the clearest photo possible.

Developed by Kenko Digital of Japan and marketed by the folks at Sunphoto, a Korean retailer that is better known for their high-end camera peripherals, the close-up filter doesn’t look like much (and will likely be priced accordingly). In fact, you can “carry it as a keyhole”, whatever that means.

This seems particularly apt at taking pictures of documents, as the words will come out nice and legible, rather than the massive blur that most cell phones provide us.