XPIN MX-430 combines GPS and portable entertainment

XPIN MX-430 combines GPS and portable entertainment


Being a standalone personal media player just doesn’t cut it anymore; you’ve got to have plenty of extra functionality in there before you’ll get anyone’s attention. Just as a cell phone isn’t complete without a camera anymore, it seems that GPS units aren’t complete without video these days (at least in Korea). The XPIN MX-430 from DK EMD is the latest in this line of thought.

Under the hood, you’ll discover a SiRF-III chipset to keep you going in the right direction, but as soon as you’re sure you’re taking the right route, it doesn’t take much to switch on over to the DMB watching capability of this puppy. You can even check out your own DivX collection.

There’s a 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD on board to accompany the 2GB of flash memory found within. For expansion, they’ve turned to the postage stamp-sized SD cards, and it actually boasts twin antennas: one for GPS, the other for DMB.

Look for the XPIN in Korea by the end of the month, with an asking price of 548,000 KRW (~US$568).