Tengo Free speeds up typing on mobile device

Tengo Free speeds up typing on mobile device


One of the biggest limitations of Pocket PCs or other small devices is that they are so small that typing quickly on them is impossible. Some new software called Tengo Free attempts to fix that.

Promising to dramatically improve your typing speed, the software combines predictive text input, which isn’t new, with six large buttons that contain all the letters of the alphabet. You just press the button with the letter you want once and the predictive text does the rest.

Once you get used to location of the letters, which are arranged in a QWERTY fashion, you will be faster because you only have six buttons to deal with. Speeds of over 70 words per minute are apparently possible.

As the name would indicate, the software is free. You can pay a bit more (between $13 and $25 depending on your device) to get an enhanced version with a better interface and bigger dictionary.