QStik Evok Bluetooth Headset combats background noise

QStik Evok Bluetooth Headset combats background noise


With its pretty appearance and smooth design, you would never think that the QStik Evok Headset has its roots in the military. They’re marketing it as a 3-in-1 Bluetooth device, but realistically, you’ll be using it more for your voice calls than anything else. No longer will you need to worry about filtering out your environment while on that important call with your honey, because they’ve deployed “unique and patent technologies” that are said to “combat background noise.”

The great tech will get the male of the species interested, whereas the “chic form factor” will “attract the fairer sex.” As far as the 3-in-1 marketing blip is concerned, you’ll take your cell phone calls, listen to Bluetooth music (in mono, unfortunately, though someone did mention connecting a set of earbuds), or even get it hooked up to video or gaming machines. Right, because my Nintendo DS Lite comes with Bluetooth.

The military-based, trendy-looking QStik Evok 3-in-1 Bluetooth Headset will be priced at £80 when it hits the market. When that is, we’re not too sure.