Google Mobile Maps: phone navigation suite from a familiar name

Google Mobile Maps: phone navigation suite from a familiar name


So here’s Google again, looking to expand outside of its dominating search engine realm, this time into the domain of navigation. The already wildly successful Google Maps has a mobile companion (with the enterprising name Google Mobile Maps).

It’s built for the mobile phone user, especially the one who has mobile browsing capabilities. You can get detailed directions, integrated search results, satellite imagery, real-time traffic, and interactive and draggable maps. You can scroll in or out, up and down, side to side, in search of the perfect view of where you are and/or where you want to go. You’ll need to memorize the limited color-coding schemes, though, which aren’t all that numerous.

You should know that not every mobile browsing phone can use this service, at least at the moment. You should also know that although Google won’t charge you to use the service once it’s installed, your mobile service provider might institute a charge associated with that mobile service (data costs money, y’know).

One final piece of advice: The real-time traffic and road conditions information that you can get is based on Internet updates, not on GPS. Even if you have GPS capability on your phone, it won’t help you here because Google Mobile Maps doesn’t avail itself of GPS feeds.

Still, it sounds like something worth trying. It’s still in beta, but you can check it out here