Three more Apple patents come to light

Three more Apple patents come to light


Those crazy inventors at Apple have filed three more patents which have come to light this week. For once, these don’t directly have anything to do with either an alleged video iPod or iPhone. One of the patents pertains to a means for handling online transactions. Another deals with managing and searching for metadata, and the third is for a display actuator.

The online transactions patent has some interesting links. Apple has assigned the patent to Next Software, a company which they have owned since the late ’90s. That purchase was significant because Steve Jobs and his management team came with the deal. This patent was originally filed in January of this year, but it references Next patents dating all the way back to 1995 and 1994.

The metadata patent appears as if it could have a lot to do with the Spotlight technology which has been lauded by the company as a revolutionary way to search within Mac OS X Tiger.