Studio Torino RK Coupe based on Porsche Cayman

Studio Torino RK Coupe based on Porsche Cayman


Anyone can waltz into a car dealership and pick out a super hot car, like a Lamborghini Gallardo or something similar. Those may be fantastic vehicles, but they’re not completely uncommon to see on the street. So, what do you do when a garden variety Porsche just isn’t good enough? You turn to the people at Studio Torino and RUF Automobile to unearth the fairly unique and absolutely stunning RK Coupe.

Based on the Porsche Cayman, the RK Coupe gets a power boost up to a formidable 440 horsepower, more than enough for you to zip around on the highways (at no more than the speed limit of course; we wouldn’t want you to get a ticket, would we?). If you get to open ‘er up on the track, however, you’ll discover that the RK Coupe keeps going and going, up to 186mph.

In keeping with the exclusivity shtick, you’ll have a difficult time bumping into another RK Coupe if you happen to pick one up, because they’re limiting production to only 49 units. Stylish, fast, and unique: what more could you ask for?