Palm about to announce updated Treo

Palm about to announce updated Treo


Palm has struggled to keep up with its competitors. The Treo has faced problems, buckling under better offerings from other companies. But, the company is hinting that they will announce their latest model in Britain on September 12 in an attempt to improve sales and renew the popularity of their devices.

It’s not clear when the new device will be available, though it seems likely that it would be released in September or October in order to make it to stores in time for the holiday rush.

There are also no specifics on what the device will be able to do, but it is easy to make a guess. For example, the Treo 700p has taken a lot of abuse because the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities require separate cards, while they are built-in on competitors’ models.

The new device will also run on Windows Mobile so people don’t have to use that annoying Palm operating system.