Maxfield unveils “one of the most beautiful MP3 players around”

Maxfield unveils “one of the most beautiful MP3 players around”


If you thought the Apple iPod nano was a sight to behold, with its delicate, almost jewellery-like appearance, then you really should check out this number. The Maxfield MAX-SIN TOUCH is being touted for its “stunning and mind boggling” looks, making it “one of the most beautiful MP3 players around in the market.”

Like the LG Chocolate Phone available through Verizon, this Maxfield DAP sports a glossy black exterior with red-lit controls (which happen to be touch-sensitive, hence the product’s name). Simply gorgeous, the MAX-SIN TOUCH rocks either 512 megs or one gig of internal memory, and an OLED display that will be the envy of just about every player out there. It’ll run your usual MP3 and WMA files, as well as WMA-DRM and everybody’s favourite Ogg Vorbis format.

Weighing a barely-there 30.5 grams, this MP3 player boasts built-in 3D surround sound, TrueBass, and pre-set equalizers, ensuring the absolute best in sound quality to accompany its glorious appearance. Too bad Maxfield isn’t telling us how much it’ll cost or when they’ll start shipping… cause I want one.