HP, T-Mobile team up for business laptop package

HP, T-Mobile team up for business laptop package


T-Mobile and HP are joining forces for a new laptop program for business consumers.

You’ll have to buy the HP Compaq nx7400 Business Notebook PC, just for starters. Then, you’ll need to join the T-Mobile UMTS network and use the special “Web-n-walk” card. Other than that, you need do nothing else. T-Mobile and HP will do the rest, including giving you (or your company) a special price on the package.

Actually, it’s not a bad deal if you’re a businessperson on the go. The “Web-n-walk” card is especially attractive, allowing surfing on the move and HSPDA download at speeds up to 1.8mbps.

Many people are already T-Mobile members and will no doubt appreciate this increased flexibility for business laptop use. Other deals between the two companies are in the works as well. This one is set to launch in the next month or so.