DMB and GPS functionality help sell PMPs

DMB and GPS functionality help sell PMPs


In an age where we want to throw in as much memory as possible into as small a package as possible, upping our battery life by as much as human possible (at the price of exploding laptops), and integrating as much extra functionality as we can, this latest report comes as little surprise.

When the Korean public heads out to a local electronics shop in search of the latest portable media player, they are much more inclined to buy one with either DMB TV reception, GPS navigation, or both.

Digital Cube is Korea’s leading PMP maker, and when they compare sales of one particular model — the V43 — the trend is incredibly clear. The basic version with PMP features only makes up about 10% of sales. By comparison, 50% of units sold come with DMB mobile TV, 60% with GPS navigation, and 30-40% with both.

It’s not good enough to just play music and videos anymore. You’ve got to bring more to the table to get consumers’ attention.