Alcatel presents chic ELLE-branded Glamphone

Alcatel presents chic ELLE-branded Glamphone


Several recent surveys indicate that the gals in the audience are just as interested in techie stuff as the male of the species, provided that the gadget is a little more attractive than an ugly grey brick. If you’re an avid reader of Cosmopolitan and fashion-oriented magazines, then you will surely be interested in the new ELLE-branded “Glamphone” from Alcatel. Like the pink Moto RAZR, this phone is clearly marketed at the estrogenized set.

It’s stylish, it’s smooth, and it’s red (or black). Of course, that’s not quite enough to sell a gadget to a tech-savvy girl, and Alcatel is well aware of that. That’s why the ELLE Glamphone, in addition to being styled like a piece of jewelry (you can wear it like a necklace), comes with some decent, if not industry-leading features, like a VGA camera, basic text and multimedia messaging, and 3MB of on-board memory.

No mobile provider has picked up the Glamphone, so you’ll have to get it directly from Alcatel. But hey, when you plop down $180 to get it, you also get a one-year subscription to Elle Magazine as a bonus gift.