Aigo A215 MP3 player sports 2GB, 50-hour battery

Aigo A215 MP3 player sports 2GB, 50-hour battery


On the surface, the Aigo A215 digital audio player may not look like much, but that’s okay. While it may lack a big color screen and the ability to double as a VoIP headset (heh), it does do what an MP3 player should do, and it does it well. For starters, they’ve kept the package quite small, putting in the same size bracket as most USB thumb drives on the market. Portability is not an issue.

There’s 2GB of storage capacity here, providing plenty of space for all your music files. That should be enough room for 400 songs; not too shabby, if I do say so myself. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that it can tackle a wide range of media files, including the WMA9 and WMA10 DRM’d stuff.

Perhaps best of all, however, is the astounding 50 hours of juice you get out of a single AA battery. Great for a long road trip, and if you happen to run dry, finding a replacement battery couldn’t be easier. Rounding out the features are a backlit monochrome display and a voice recorder.

No word on a North American release, but the peeps in the UK can get one for a very affordable £70.