Top Gear’s Richard Hammond test drives Marcos TSO GT (Video)

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond test drives Marcos TSO GT (Video)


I’m a big fan of these Top Gear videos. I love listening to Jeremy Clarkson’s banter, and watching the secretive Stig rip around the corners. Today, we visit our friend Richard Hammond as he hits up the test track with the Marcos TSO GT, a British sports car powered by American muscle. Under the hood of this rear-wheel-drive coupe, you’ll find “the most popular engine of all-time”, a small block Chevy V8 capable of developing 420 horsepower.

With that much power, you’ll be able to destroy the 0-60mph run in just 4.8 seconds, before topping out at 170 miles per hour. Pretty darn impressive, considering that Marcos went bust just four years ago (after a racing history of over 40 years). This revival vehicle is “retro in feel”: the look throws us back to the 60s with its long hood and sloping back.

All this fun can be had for £50,000 (US$94,500). Based on the video below, it looks worth every penny.