Samsung hooks up 50-inch TV without cables

Samsung hooks up 50-inch TV without cables


So you think that just because you’re rocking a big screen television these days that you’re large and in charge? All those ugly cables sticking out the back aren’t all that sleek, y’know, and that’s why Samsung has come up with a 50-inch HD plasma TV that can be “wired up” without any wires.

Impossible, you say? Well, I’m not exactly sure it works, but this PDP television can connect to all your favourite audio/video equipment — DVD players, home video game consoles, VCRs (if you still have one of those dinosaurs), etc. — without having any unsightly cables in plain view. There are absolutely no cables “visible at the back”, making for a much more streamlined look.

I’m surprised that they didn’t toss in the “world’s first” tagline, so there’s a distinct possibility that this has been done before. In any case, if you want a huge plasma TV without trying to figure out a way to hide the cables, the Samsung SPD-50P7HDT just might be for you. Available now in Korea for 4,800,000 KRW (just under US$5,000).