New group to lobby for hybrid owner rights

New group to lobby for hybrid owner rights


You know that a subset of the population has truly arrived when they have a lobbying group organized for them, advocating for their rights. That means that hybrid owners have arrived. The Hybrid Owners of America will start their efforts today, aiming to represent the half million Americans who already own a car in the fast growing segment.

HOA will work with governments to maintain and increase incentives for buyers. They will also track companies which offer incentives to employees to buy hybrids, and encourage other companies to offer the same type of programs. Google, for example, will give employees $5,000 if they buy a hybrid that gets at least 45 miles per gallon.

HOA will not be attached to the car industry and will not take funding from car companies. They were founded by the Civil Society Institute, a Massachusetts-based organization that lobbies for improved fuel efficiency.