Kingston’s DataTraveler Mini Fun comes pre-loaded with games

Kingston’s DataTraveler Mini Fun comes pre-loaded with games


Okay, this is a relatively new concept but one that we’ll probably see a lot more of in coming months. It’s a USB flash drive that comes with pre-installed software.

When these little gems of portable storage first came out, they were meant to be like mini hard drives that you could carry in your pocket. Well, they still do that, but they also do another important thing: they offer a gift.

Somewhere along the way of stuffing more and more memory capacity into these little babies, someone had the bright idea to set aside part of that increased memory capacity for software that would come with the flash drive.

A prime example of this is the DataTraveler Mini Fun, one of the latest offerings from Kingston. It’s a small little thing, the length or width of a couple postage stamps. It can pack up to 1GB of memory and comes pre-loaded with two games worth noting: Atlantis and Magic Vines. The former is a puzzle-solving adventure in the realm of the famous “lost continent”; the latter is a geographical adventure that features challenging puzzles as well.

Both games come in Windows and Mac versions and are available in seven languages. Best of all, you can get the top-of-the-line Mini Fun drive for just US$33.

Not sure about you, but I can’t wait for the World of Warcraft Flash Drive …