Egokast puts a video screen on your belt buckle

Egokast puts a video screen on your belt buckle


Desperate to have people stare at your crotch? You need a video belt buckle from Egokast. The buckle, which obviously isn’t tiny or subtle, has a 320 x 240, 3.5-inch LCD screen on it. You can play AVI, MPEG4, or MP3 files.

Like most belt buckles, there is no on-board memory, but it can handle SD media (it comes with a 512MB card). Battery life at full brightness is promised to be at least four hours, so you will have to be choosy about who you play video for.

This opens up a serious and difficult question – what is the ideal video to play on a belt buckle? I have a few thoughts, but this is a family website.

Though it would take away a whole lot of the fun and the ridiculousness of this product, you can also remove the screen from the belt, creating a stand-alone player of both audio and video media. You even get a DVD full of ‘fragments’ which you can play on your belt. This incredible package of instant coolness can be yours for just $290.