Diabetics can check blood sugar with GlucoPhone

Diabetics can check blood sugar with GlucoPhone


With so many gadgets kicking around these days, it can be hard to stash that many things in your pants pocket. You’ve got your MP3 player, PDA, cell phone, PMP, USB thumb drive, and countless other items. If you happen to be diabetic, you’ve also got to pack a glucometer everywhere you go, but thanks to the people at HealthPia, it’ll be that much easier because they’ve bundled the blood sugar measuring tool with your mobile phone.

This combination device marries your usual cell phone — you know, so you can text message and make phone calls at will — with a glucometer. In addition to measuring your blood sugar levels before and after meals, this handy gadget will also record and send the results to whoever you’d like, as well as even being able to manage your meal plans.

At this time, they’ve outfitted a trio of LG phones with their custom software — the UX5000, VX5200, and the LX350 — but if it gets popular, I wouldn’t be surprised if they start tossing in a glucometer with other phones.