Archos 404, 504, 604 PMPs now official

Archos 404, 504, 604 PMPs now official


Granted, we first caught inklings of information surrounding their fourth generation of media players last month, but it’s always nice to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Archos has issued a press release “unveiling” their new goodies: the 404, 404 Camcorder, 504, 604, and 604 Wi-Fi.

Both the 404 and 604 video players come with 30 gigs of capacity, but it’s the 604 Wi-Fi that will certainly grab your attention. In fact, it could be a prominent competitor for the forthcoming Microsoft Zune when it hits the market. Look for the 404s and 604s to start shipping sometime next month, bringing “new slim designs, large screens, easier navigation, and a modular offering for customizing with accessories.”

If you’re in the mood for massive storage, then you definitely should take a nice, long look at the Archos 504, a personal media player that throws down an incredible 160GB HDD. This one will be a little later to the party, though they haven’t specified an exact release date just yet.