Apple owns the American MP3 market

Apple owns the American MP3 market


It seems like we write about a new MP3 player every day on this site, and there are at least as many that we see that aren’t worth talking about. With all those products out there, it is incredible, and almost unbelievable, how dominant Apple remains in the market.

In the second quarter of this year, the company made 75.6% of all players sold in the U.S. Sandisk was a distant second with 9.7%, while Creative limped to the bronze medal with 4.3%.

It’s not a new concept, but analysts continue to warn that the stand-alone MP3 player market could be hurt as more cell phones have MP3 capabilities, adding more memory and longer battery life. They use the PDA market as an example. It was huge and prosperous, but died a fast death as smartphones developed those same capabilities and so much more.

It’s a good point, but for some reason I suspect that Apple isn’t too worried.