Video of new Segway i2 LeanSteer scooter

Video of new Segway i2 LeanSteer scooter


First, it was referred to as Project Ginger. It was supposed to revolutionize the transportation industry, and make us see methods of getting around town in a completely different way. Well, the poor little Segway is still working hard to make it into the mainstream, but they hope to capture a few more customers with their two new models (not to be confused with the Dareway for kids).

Perhaps the more promising of the two is the Segway i2, an all new “personal transporter device” that features what they call “LeanSteer technology”. Check out the video for a demonstration of this innovation in action… that is, if you can get past the cheesy elevator music in the background. You know, the type you hear when you’re hold for customer support, being intermittently reminded that “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line as you will receive service faster than if you hang up and call again.”

Essentially, with LeanSteer, you simply tilt the handlebar to the left or right to get the Segway i2 to turn in that direction. They say this interface is more intuitive.